GOCA’s prouduct is the closest feel of a real kimono.

I would like you to know the beauty of kimonos and incorporate them into your life.

I really want everyone to feel that same emotion, and enjoy wearing unique and traditional kimono that are hand made.

GOCA has a very unique design that are crafted to not have the same color or design for each kimono they make.

You cannot live without GOCA's comfortable, 100% silk kimono.

GOCA is relaxed wear which makes your body relaxed when you wear it.

You can feel the great quality of the material and the beautiful silhouette is easy to wear.

When you wear your favorite piece, which is made from silk, you can get peace of mind and it will also heal your mind.

You can also wear this at a resort by wearing it as a gown, and on your personal time, too.

Silk is excellent about keeping you moisturized, keeps you warm and dries quickly.

It absorbs the sweat from your body and dries quickly, and also keeps your skin dry.

Silk also includes Fibroin, which is a protein that can control oxygen species, that can help to control freckle and skin spot prevention.

It is made from delicate material, so it is possible to get caught easily and may tear. Please handle with care.


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Design & Produce Akiko Oiwa


“Tie” is one of our project.

The Philosophy of GOCA Tie

With the concept of creating the modern lifestyle with the traditional hand-weaving technique, we aim for the tripartite fusion of tradition,fashion and art as well as the seamless cycle of material production, dyeing and hand-weaving until giving the final touches to the product.

We dwell on handiwork of each craftman.

Japan’s premium silk growing land, Tango has been weaving KIMONO textiles over the past 300 years.

Tango is known for the natural landscape made up of the sea, mountains and rivers that create scenic beauty. It is also the ancient legends still breathing to this day.

We never put strong stress to the material but let it contain the air steadily while weaving it into a three-dimensional shape.

This is the way we product a profound feeling, elegant glaze, and unique textile.